1. Rhys Jeffries
    Becky Goosey
    Amy Louise Congalton

    By Rhys Jeffries, Becky Goosey and Amy Louise Congalton, BA (Hons) Illustration

    Exhibiting at
    Free Range 27 July - 30 June
    New Designers 2 July - 5 July


  2. Jui-Heng Chuang, MA Architecture, UCA Canterbury


  3. Students in BA (Hons) Photography are raising money through Kickstarter to create their Graduation Show display at Free Range. You can sponsor them here.


  4. Natasha Rose Murphy, BA (Hons) Illustration

    Exhibiting at
    - Free Range 27 July - 30 June
    - New Designers 2 July - 5 July


  5. 'Water is Life' by Jasper Wilkins, studying BA (Hons) Arts & Media at UCA Farnham

    Winner of the Olympus Student Photography Competition


  6. espinosabaster:

    group toile review ✂️with @katarinalindell @samuelabram @pallikasood || #100happydays #toiles #garments #menswear #mens #mensfashion #fashion #fashiondesign #fashiondesignstudent #degree #uca #hilfigerdenim #liveproject #iceclimbing #activity #creative #innovative #brand #groupproject #jackets #trousers #calico #experimenting #sewing #pattern #production (at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Rochester)


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  8. nicktroptopolis:

    Alexandra Goodrick, Recent Graduate of UCA Farnham, is launching her new Tea Collection in April 2014. The collection is based around the reuse of vintage porcelain that has been broken beyond repair.

    The six piece collection, plated in 24kt Gold and Sterling Silver, gives new life and beauty to broken chinaware. Like the original porcelain, Alexandra’s hand made jewellery is designed and realised in England, providing a contemporary twist on a quintessentially British material.

    Vote for her in the 2014 Women in Making Competition here.


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  10. hxoxo:

    film, film everywhere! #editing #Steenbeck #D1 #Cuffs #UCA #hashtags


  11. ucaarchiveexplored:

    Check out the the uca archive blog documenting our work with the Bob Godfrey collection!

    - Blog post

    - Image Archive


  12. frannjackson:

    Today I focused on different ways to create photograms, Today I used strips of tape and filled each one full of all different things such as sugar, coffee, salt, nail polish and glitter.


    The first slide holds nail polish. The second, coffee, salt, sugar, pepper. The third, glitter, nail…


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  14. bittersweet-blue-hearts:

    "The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding." 

    Pictures of the book I made and wrote for our second project at UCA on Creative Writing, Text and Image c:

    Write about what you know" they said. So I wrote about a murder.

    I had to print and bind the book myself, do all the images, including a map, two long fold out images, and blood splatters, and wrote all but the first quote (the Albert Camus one) myself.The writing and image making was the best bit. You have absolutely no idea how much I was panicking or how many misprints i tested on to get the blood just right. In the end it turned out perfectly.


  15. Alex Edmonds in the Post With the Most March Edition, CG Arts & Animation, UCA Rochester